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KRB CONSTRUCTION specializes in all phases of your demolition projects. Some demolitions may require removal of contaminants such as mold, lead, and asbestos.  As part of the procedures for hazardous waste removal, we erect containments with negative pressure to safely removal hazardous wastes.  We also utilize these containments in our normal course of demolition to control dust for selective demolition.  This generates a level of cleanliness not typically seen with other construction companies.

We perform the interior demolition of residential, commercial, retail, municipal and industrial projects. KRB CONSTRUCTION provides full-service demolition using skilled demolition labor, cutting-edge equipment and tools, large and small bobcats, excavators, pneumatic jackhammers, excavation equipment, and large and small dump trucks to successfully perform all types of demolition projects. We are also equipped to perform complete structural demolition.

KRB CONSTRUCTION assists the necessary players like Developers, Engineers, Architects, and Homeowners to develop the most practical approaches to get the demolition completed efficiently, timely and on budget.

Our demolition team enables us to exceed expectations to the satisfaction of Developers, Project Managers, Realtors and Homeowners with our dedication to performing work as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Our Clients Are:

  • Retail Centers

  • Office Buildings

  • Residential Owners

  • Municipals

  • Hotels

  • Warehouses

  • Restaurants

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

Our Demolition Services Include:

  • Soft/Hard Demolition

  • Interior and Exterior Demolition

  • Chemical Cleanup

  • Mold Remediation Demolition

  • Asbestos Abatement Demolition

  • Lead Abatement Demolition

  • Hazardous Waste Removal

  • Environmental Cleanup

  • Complete Takedowns

Our Debris Removal Services are performed with company dump trucks and include these categories:

  • General Debris Removal

  • Lumber, Drywall, Stucco Removalroll

  • Household Clean-outs

  • Office Clean-outs

  • Foreclosure Clean-outs

  • Appliance and Furniture Removals

  • Carpeting and Wood Floor Removals

  • Hazardous Waste Removals



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