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KRB CONSTRUCTION is a reliable and trustworthy General Contractor who can provide reconstruction services to quickly get you back to normal. As a licensed General Contractor for over 30 years, KRB CONSTRUCTION is a division of KRB FLOOD AND FIRE that provides constant service through demolition, restoration and reconstruction.  KRB FLOOD AND FIRE will take you through the emergency, and KRB CONSTRUCTION will reconstruct your business to where you are back and operating again.

KRB CONSTRUCTION, a residential and commercial construction division, is an essential part of our business.  We recognize the urgency of getting a building or facility operating again because an integral part of a business is to be able to function in order to make returns and profits.

KRB CONSTRUCTION will manage your project with a take-charge approach.  Our goals are to provide the customer with the following guidelines.

  • Securing permits, inspections, sign-offs, and certificates of occupancy.

  • Oversee all shop drawings.

  • Coordinate and supervise work to guarantee the quality and thoroughness.

  • Prepare regular comprehensive punch lists.

  • Work directly with suppliers and supervise all timely deliveries of supplies.

  • Work directly with utility companies, city municipals, and governmental agencies.

  • Oversee conformance of design requirements and maintain or update project schedule.

  • Schedule client for meetings for progress reports.

  • Inspect material installations.

For Superior Reconstruction Services, call KRB CONSTRUCTION at 310-766-5555!

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